If you don’t like Fall Guy’s casting of Big Chungus as Sonic, Steam is giving away one of his classics for free

Fall Guys might have tossed some nostalgia your way recently by releasing a Sonic the hedgehog flavoured cosmetic, stretched around those lovable beanish Fall Guy bodies as if somebody tried to vinyl-wrap a toad. And if that is the case, why not indulge in that nostalgia fully by taking advantage of the fact that Steam is currently handing out copies of our speedy, blue erinaceinae’s second outing for free.

Regarded by some (Read: Me) as possibly the best of Sonic’s outings, showcasing the fast-paced mayhem of stylishly whizzing through colourful, and intricate levels at a pace so fast you wonder how his skin stays attached to his bones, that makes the franchise such a fan favourite.

So, if not already a part of your Steam library, take this opportunity to snag one of the best platforming games of all time without having to part with a single penny.

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