Football Manager 2021 spices things up with a little role-play

Watch where you point that thing..

Sports Interactive, developers of the heroin-like substance known on the streets as Football Manager 2021 have revealed a new feature for the upcoming sports sim called gestures. Gestures expand upon the games current interactions, allowing you to pick an action to act as a tone when engaged in discussions with your players, such as ‘Smile Warmly’, ‘Point Finger’, or my personal favourite ‘angrily kick boots’ (Sadly I don’t know for sure if that’s in there, but there does appear to be a throw bottle alternative at least).

While the game already had a similar mechanic in the tone system, Sports Interactive feel that the new gestures add a more human quality to your manager, allowing you to express your intentions better and clearer in-game. Which is a subtle bit of role-playing that you wouldn’t really expect in a sim most known for focusing on its stats and tactics.

It’s no dialogue wheel though and Sports Interactive has yet to confirm which players you can romance, so I wouldn’t go hoping for much more in terms of roleplaying elements just yet. But hey, there’s always 2022 to look forward to… Or the disturbing possibility of it being abused by modders.

Football Manager 2021 will be available on November 24th, with the series returning to Xbox for the first time since theĀ ’07/’08 season, Sports Interactive has also revealed that more new features, tweaks and amendments to gameplay will also be revealed over the coming weeks on their Twitter which you can find and follow here.

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