Amnesia: Rebirth launches today on PS4 and PC

It’s been ten years since Amnesia: The Dark Descent was released and to this day it remains in pole position for many when it comes to horror games. Frictional Games’ first title of the Amnesia franchise left big boots to fill, too big possibly when it came to it’s follow up A Machine For Pigs, developed not by Frictional but instead by Dear Esther developer The Chinese Room. The game failed to reach the heights of its predecessor, receiving mixed reviews that somewhat divided the fan base.

Frictional Games helms the latest chapter in the massively popular franchise and judging by most early impressions, Rebirth is a solid return to form.

What the studio was able to accomplish back in 2010 has helped spawn a wave of horror games in its wake, luckily the team at Frictional are not happy to rest on the success of their previous title and are aware that if they want to stand out from the crowd, a crowd they in part helped to create, they’re going to need to once again pave new ground.

Amnesia: Rebirth is available now on PS4, Steam, Epic Games Store and

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