Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Post-Launch Roadmap Revealed

“Ubisoft have revealed their plans for Valhalla’s post-launch content..”

Ubisoft has revealed their plans for Valhalla’s post-launch content in a video released earlier today. The video sees post-launch producer Jose Araiza, who worked on previous Assassin’s Creed titles Origin’s and Odyssey and was part of the team that brought the discovery tours of those games to life, talk about what’s in store for players who pick up the game, and what’s in store for those who have purchased the season pass.

All players will be granted free seasonal content, consisting of festivals, new missions, mechanics, and progression into the game. The first of which will involve river raids and the Yule festival, coming late this year.

The Premium content of the season pass will consist of two major expansions, the first of which involves heading over to the Emerald Isle, investigating and attempting to defeat an Irish cult, while conquering ring-forts and visiting a dark age Dublin. The second of these expansions see your Vikings return to Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Paris, however, many, many years before that game was set.

To check out the reveal in detail you can find the video below.

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