DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods part one is out today

DOOM Rip & Tears the seal off of its season pass.

Coinciding with the current Halloween 2020 event, an in-game event lasting through October 29 featuring unlockable cosmetics and nameplates that you can earn by playing through the campaign and Battlemode, today heralds the arrival of The Ancient Gods part one, the first bit of content from DOOM Eternal’s Year One Pass.

Get ready to rip and tear once again. The Ancient Gods part one is a direct follow up to the events of DOOM Eternal and sees Doomguy battling back to Urdak to decide the fate of our cosmos once more.

Your victory over the hordes of Hell spared Earth from a perilous, demon-infested fate, but saving humanity has upset the delicate balance of power in the heavens. Become the DOOM Slayer once again and set things right in DOOM Eternal’s first single-player expansion, The Ancient Gods – Part One.

If you’re a Year One Pass owner, or own the DOOM Eternal Deluxe Edition you can pick up the expansion today for free.

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