Add-On Victoriam! Fallout 76 Announce Steel Dawn Expansion

“Lose your Brotherhood of Steel West Virginiaty this winter..”

It wouldn’t be Bomb Drop Day without a little explosive news from the Fallout Franchise. Fan-favourites The Brotherhood of Steel look set to plant their flag in the West Virginia Wasteland this Winter in Fallout 76, as Bethesda has unveiled the announce trailer for their next free expansion “Steel Dawn”.

While the trailer doesn’t show much, for many it won’t need to. The lack of the Brotherhood, or even any factions, at launch caused somewhat of a backlash from players originally, however with the games recent updates, overhauls and content drops, things are steadily heading onward and upwards for Fallout 76.

The expansion, originally titled ‘Fractured Steel’ was set to follow an introductory mission to be released with the recent One Wasteland For All update but the team at Bethesda instead decided to merge this with the upcoming release instead, delaying its appearance in the game.

The new content should also bring with it C.A.M.P Shelters, new instanced player homes that allow for greater build potentials at the cost of not being able to place vendors.

With no release date officially confirmed, expect further news soon on The Brotherhood of Steels Fallout return in ‘Steel Dawn’ soon, you can check out the announcement trailer below.

Bethesda are currently celebrating Bomb Drop Day by making the game free to play for players on all platforms until October 26th, you can read more about that here.

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