My Time at Sandrock Meets Kickstarter Goals in Under 24 Hours

“My Time at Sandrock, an expansion that outgrew the scope of the original game, will be the follow up to Pathea Games’ 2019 title..”

Pathea Games, the developer behind My Time at Portia have met their funding goals on Kickstarter for the game’s expansion turned sequel My Time at Sandrock only 19 hours after opening the drive for funding of £76,723 ($100,000 USD). The studios first game of the franchise, My Time at Portia, was also launched as a Kickstarter project, however, that game took upwards to 26 days to reach its initial funding milestone.

While reviewers praised the original games enjoyable and charming nature, it was not without its own hiccups with many finding the games mining and time-based scenarios lacking in excitement. Still, the game holds a very positive review rating on Steam and a Metacritic average of 73/100 at the time of writing.

My Time at Sandrock, an expansion that outgrew the scope of the original game, will be the follow up to Pathea Games’ 2019 title and include a whole slurry of new features, gameplay tweaks, and a multiplayer option for players to rebuild and explore Sandrock together.

The developers have stated that their goal with this new game is to take what people love about My Time at Portia and expand upon it, making something familiar but new from the ground up that fans new and old can enjoy.

My Time at Sandrock hopes to improve on elements of the first game such as Farming, Relationships, Mini-Games, Holidays, Cooking, Animal interactions, Sound design, Voice-acting, and a wider, more varied open world with more interesting topographical features.

While the developers have set up multiple stretch goals, having reached the initial goal means multiplayer will be arriving with the game sometime during early access. Pathea Games have announced that they would like to release the game on all platforms, however, the game will remain in early access on PC for at least a year while the game is refined and tuned based on player feedback. My Time at Sandrock is now expected to enter early access sometimes in March 2021, with more features to be announced depending on how many stretch goals are to be further unlocked during their Kickstarter campaign which you can check out by clicking here.

My Time at Sandrock (March 2021)

Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Developer: Pathea Games
Publisher: Pathea Games