Stories Untold Arrives on PS4 and Xbox One today

If you’re craving a few more titles to help indulge yourself into the Halloween spirit this year, Scottish developers No Code Studio, creators of the multi-BAFTA winning Observation, are bringing their much-lauded 2017 horror-adventure game anthology Stories Untold to PlayStation and Xbox today.

Published by Devolver Digital, Stories Untold is a collection of small adventure games, each set within the ’80s and involving some form of interactive device you must come to grips with, be it playing a classic text adventure in the attic of your family’s holiday home, or manning an old two-way radio at a remote listening station in Greenland. It’s the Black Mirror game that Bandersnatch wishes it could be, offering you four unique short stories that span various gameplay and thematic genres without letting quality slip on any front.

Stories Untold will be available today on both the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace for £7.99 or £8.39 respectively, with both platforms offering a 20% discount on those prices for PS+ or Xbox Live Gold members.

If you’re looking for a quick Halloween fix, Stories Untold’s cocktail of chills and ’80s nostalgia is well worth looking into.

Stories Untold (2017/2020)

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, macOS
Developer: No Code Studios
Publisher: Devolver Digital