King Arthur: Knight’s Tale shall XCommeth in 2021

“Tactical Turn Based Arthurian retelling King Arthur: Knight’s Tale currently sits at 96% funding..”

UPDATE: It would now seem Neocore Games’ has successfully reached it’s funding goals for King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, and will hopefully help secure a Q1 2021 release.

The Kickstarter for Neocore Games’ Tactical Turn Based Arthurian retelling King Arthur: Knight’s Tale currently sits at 96% funding to ensure the team an meet its 2021 release date for PC, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5. With a week left to go and donations arriving steadily it seems a sure thing that this is a Kickstarter project that will meet it’s full funding, and rightfully so.

Fans of the tactical genre will no doubt have an eye on this game, aside from the fact it looks absolutely beautiful – thanks in part to its photoscanned environments and motion captured animations, this isn’t simply XCom with swords and shields. While the similarities are there, permadeath, rebuilding a home base, class based characters, and tactical team-based missions, Knight’s Tale promises a more woven in RPG experience, with decisions to make impacting events of the tale alongside a morality system tracking how you perform while rebuilding your Camelot.

“This isn’t simply XCom with swords and shields.”

Promising fantastic variety with 7 enemy factions to war with, over 50 enemy types, and 10 boss battles to cut your way through, all in some fantastically rendered environments ranging from Castle Dungeons to the forests of Síthe. You’ll be able to explore over 50 points of interest on the games map and take on 20 story missions, multiple side quests, and even when the main campaign is done, the game promises an end-game venture to banish a monstrous God-King featuring random higher level missions with greater loot and mythic boss battles to take on.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is expected to release Q1 2021 with a successful Kickstarter. However a 2021 release is still hopeful should the developers fall short of their fundraising goals, though not promised. You can check out their Kickstarter campaign HERE.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale (2021)
Tactical Turn Based

Neocore Games

You are Sir Mordred, the nemesis of King Arthur, the former black knight of the grim tales. The Lady of the Lake, the ruler of the mystical island of Avalon wants you to finish what you have begun. Kill King Arthur –
or whatever he has become after she took his dying vessel to Avalon.

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