Google Stadia’s Library Reaches 100 Games, Now Has More Games Than Subscribers

With the inclusion of Ary and the Secret of Seasons, Little Big Workshop, Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn Google’s Stadia platform can now boast it hold over 100 titles for it’s subscribers to enjoy.

Stadia seem secure in it’s promise to have upwards to 120 games on the platform by the end of the year and at the rate they’re going it mot likely wont be a goal beyond their grasp, even as games like FIFA 2021 have their Stadia releases pushed back into next year.

I’m sure all ten of Stadia’s current subscriber base will be thrilled with the news of their ability to play more and more games from the £8.99/$10 a month streaming service, and while most of the jibes towards Stadia can at times be tongue in cheek, if you’ve ever visited the reddit page for Stadia you’ll see an eerie similarity to the Star Citizen community as they huddle together waiting for us to rue the day we ever said a foul word about their favoured product. A Jokes a joke gentlemen, chin up.

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