SHELTERED 2 coming in 2021

Unicube & Team 17’s genre-mashing apocalyptic survival management game Sheltered was one of the publisher’s stand-out titles of 2016. Stumbling across an abandoned bunker, you and your literal nuclear family set up shop and begin the daunting task of carving out an existence from the cold, dead ground below. It all sounds rather drab, but a charming pixel aesthetic and solid gameplay mechanics kept the experience riveting.

Exploration, crafting, base-building, and savaging what was left of the world top-side was married to the constant struggle of survival and the morality of how to deal with the game’s many ethical entanglements.

You may have been building rooms and placing furniture, but Sheltered wasn’t The Sims. Which

would, of course, never pose to you the moral dilemma of which of your starving children gets fed tonight. It simply wouldn’t have the balls.

Sheltered, on the other hand, doesn’t just have the melons to put you in that scenario – but it’ll then have you send said child to work off those calories by helping to bury the sibling that didn’t make it. And it made all that fun. Even for non-psychopaths. Presumably.

And now some 5 years later Team17 and Unicube have an announcement to make. With expanded combat mechanics, a deeper strategic layer, and all new stylized 3D visuals, Sheltered 2 is on its way.

Where Sheltered was about protecting those you loved and ensuring the safety and sanctity of your dark and dank habitat from the world above. Sheltered 2 wants to make that world more than just an ever-looming threat.

You’re a leader now, tasked with heading your own faction. Each survivor you recruit has much more of a unique personality than before, with individual traits and desires to take into consideration – all while managing their needs and wants. It’s not just your survivors you will have to worry about, however. You won’t be the only faction out there, and some will have your needs and wants firmly on their “pay-no-mind” list.

Revamping the exploration from the first game, Sheltered 2 will have you sending your

survivors out on expeditions throughout a vast and unforgiving wilderness. You may well bump into other factions, where you can forge alliances and build up your relationship through trade. Or, unleash your inner Neegan in an all-new combat system.

Sheltered 2 releases later this year on Steam and promises to further expand on the original’s solid foundations (ba-dum-tsh) and bleak vibe.

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